APM–WK 31–Day One–2nd Zoom Lecture–Document Analysis


Here is our 2nd Zoom Lecture of the Day!

We focused on the skill of using the documents to ANSWER the prompt!

Keep in mind–Due on Monday by 9am–you need to take a photo or send me the documents to BOTH DBQ Practice #1 and #2.

Today, you also had a Vocab Quiz due and on Monday, you ALSO have a vocab quiz due.

Whenever you finish your DBQ Practice #1 and #2, feel free to email them to me.

Enjoy your Three day weekend!  I will be posting a Zoom Invite for Monday.  I have a doctor’s appointment–so we will be meeting at 10am on Zoom.

Enjoy the Quarantine Life!



APM–WK 30–Day Five–Test Explanation/ Writing Week Heads Up

Greetings AP World!

Here is the SHORT Zoom Meeting we had at 9am this morning!  We talked test formatting, Writing Week and my due date–which is Saturday!

Today, Ill be posting ALL of your assignments for Writing Week–THREE worksheets (all on the DBQ–Five Docs!) and TWO COMPLETE Five-Document DBQs that you’ll be writing. I am posting them all–just incase Hank comes!  I am ALSO posting my Digital Instructions–soo incase I don’t show up to a Zoom Meeting–EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT TO DO for the week.

Tomorrow, April 9th, I am hosting TWO Zoom Meetings.  One at 9am to do DBQ Practice #1 and then another at 1pm to do DBQ Practice #2.  We don’t have “School” on Friday.  So I am doing two on Thursday.  I am aware this isn’t ideal…BUT with the fact that I can go into labor at any moment and we NEED to go over the DBQ formatting–hopefully you will forgive me.  Keep in mind–I will be trying to get back to you post-labor ASAP–BUT there will be days where you won’t hear from me.  Keep doing what you are suppose to be doing!  I will come back and I will answer ALL of your questions/ concerns.

Today, your Barron’s Book is DUE by Midnight and you have a TEST due by Midnight!  Your Barron’s Book can be submitted via video to either my Edsby (preferred) or Instagram (no points will be deducted–I just don’t like the direct messages aspect!).

I will see you ALL at 9am for our first day of WRITING WEEK!  And maybe, I’ll see you at 1pm tomorrow too!

Good luck on your test,

Love, Bennett

APP–WK 30–Day Four–Learning

Greetings AP Psych!

Here is the lecture from today!  We covered learning!  I would guess that it WILL be a topic on your 45 minute exam!  I would definitely check it out!

Tomorrow, we have NO ZOOM MEETING.  Tomorrow, you have a TEST and a Barron’s Book due by Midnight!  Make sure your Barron’s Book is up to par.  I won’t be as kind this week!

We will resume Zoom Meetings on Thursday!  I will attach the invite to Edsby and I will send it out on Remind!

Good luck tomorrow on your test and be sure to turn in your Barron’s Book by Midnight!


APM–WK 30–Day Four–Final Empires and Events

Greetings AP World!

We had a super successful Zoom Meeting! We finished major Empires and Major Events for Unit 0 and Unit 1! YAY! I am attaching the notes I took on Edsby!

Tomorrow, you have your FIRST REVIEW TEST!! We have a 15 minute Zoom Meeting at 9am (if you are interested!) to go over the testing format. You also have a Barron’s Book due! Both the test and the Barron’s Book are due by Midnight tomorrow. I am attaching the Zoom Invite on Edsby!

If you weren’t at our Zoom Meeting this morning, please check out the video to get instructions on how to submit your Barron’s Book! I need to see your face (just a moment–nothing intense! Just trying to cut down on cheating/ using other people’s books as your own!) and I need to see the columns of the book to see annotations. The earlier in the day you submit the better for you because I’ll be checking books throughout the day and giving people opportunities to improve their score.

Good Luck on both your Barron’s Book and your Test!

Love, Bennett

APP–WK 30–Day Three–States of Consciousness

Greetings AP Psych!

We had a short but successful Zoom Meeting today on States of Consciousness! It was one of your BEST weeks of content–sooo I didn’t expect too many questions or concerns.

Friendly Reminder–you do have Vocab Quiz due today and everyone should be working on your Barron’s Book–they are Due on Wednesday!

During the video for today, I mentioned the “game” of Mouse Party–where you see mice with the side effects of drugs. I am attaching the link if you want to check it out! It’s pretty cool–for a teacher thing. : )


Tomorrow, we do have a Zoom Meeting at 11am! (Back to Normal Time!) We are discussing Learning–WHICH IS VERY TRICKY!! This will NOT be a short meeting! And, of course you do have a Vocab Quiz due tomorrow as well!

Enjoy your Quarantine Day!


APP–WK 30–Day Two–Exam Explanation and Going Forward

Greetings AP Psych!

Today we had a SHORT but productive Zoom Meeting about changes to the AP Exam and what to do when Mrs. Bennett doesn’t show up at a Zoom Meeting.


I’ve got a plan for everything! So check out my video to make sure you know what to do!

Today–you do have a Vocab Quiz and you should be working on your Barron’s Book over the weekend! Take it outside and enjoy the sunshine! Get away from your screens!

Enjoy your Weekend!



APM–WK 30–Day Two Lecture–AP Exam and Going Forward

Greetings AP World!

Today was a BIG Zoom Meeting!

We discussed the changes to the AP Exam–May 21st–5 Document DBQ!

We discussed what to do when Mrs. Bennett doesn’t show up for a Zoom Meeting–and how to progress without her.

Big Day!  So PLEASE check out my Lecture if you weren’t there!

Friendly Reminder–you do have Vocab Quiz due on Edsby!  You ALL should be working on your Barron’s Book!  It’s due on Wednesday by 11:59pm.  It will take you longer than you think!!

Enjoy the Quarantine Life!